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At VMS Emporium Plus, discover our huge selection of e-cigarettes and cannabis vape hardware in Vanderhoof, BC. Whether you want a complete kit to get you started or you just need to stock up on supplies, we have everything you need, including tanks, coils, mods, accessories, and e-juice. Our owner, Vincent, uses the products he sells and is always happy to provide guidance and advice. He also rebuilds decks and cleans coils for customers. Contact him today to find out more about vaping.

According to Health Canada, the sale of e-cigarette with nicotine was legalized as an option that would help smokers quit. E-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes, although studies on their long-term use have not been completed. Smokers who have tried other methods to quit smoking without success should try vaping or nicotine salt.

Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking 

Do you want to quit smoking but find the traditional options do not work? At VMS Emporium Plus we have the solution with our e-cigarettes in Vanderhoof, BC. These products are designed to mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette without as many harmful chemicals. The e-cigs work by heating special liquids, called e-juice, into a vapour. These liquids come in a variety of flavours to suit your tastes.

By using a vape instead of a traditional cigarette, you can slowly wean done the levels of nicotine in the liquids until you break the addiction. This method has been shown to be more successful than trying to quit outright with nothing. 

Other Vaping Products

In addition to electronic cigarettes, we also carry a variety of other vaping supplies. This includes replacement parts for your vapourizers as well as the liquids that the devices need.

Additionally, we carry special mods so that you can use to customize your vape to fit your personal tastes. For example, we offer a modification that lets you use two different liquids at the same time to enhance your vaping experience. Visit our fully stocked Vape shop to learn more about these mods and let us help you find the right vaping device for your needs.

Contact us to learn more about vaping. We proudly serve Vanderhoof, BC as well as the surrounding areas.

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